Mentoring with Jess Barfield {Personal Post}

Ya’ll. If there is something I’m INCREDIBLY excited about, and incredibly excited to share, it’s this. I got the opportunity to do a mentoring session with Jess Barfield out of Dallas, and I’ll be forever grateful. She is a mover and changer in the wedding industry, and to be able to learn from was truly an honor. In just a day she taught me so much, and challenged me in so many awesome ways. Workshops and mentoring sessions have definitely been defining moments for me in my career as a photographer, and I walk away with a renewed sense of why I do what I do. Jess — Thank you for being so selfless with your time and expertise (even in the midst of moving!) Your willingness and openness to teach and help is touching, and I appreciate you so much. SO much. Your passion for this industry is evident in everything that you do, and I feel honored to have gotten the chance to learn from you. Thank you!I’m so excited to share about some of the BIG, big changes that will be coming to Captivated Photography in the next 6 months, but for now, enjoy a few lovely photos of Shaun + Shannon. PS – Shaun and Shannon are also incredibly talented photographers (Shaun Menary Photography). Enjoy!

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